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Grand Piano in Palace - 2020. Join us!


Egor Syroezhkin (Russia) - Grand Piano in Palace 2019 - ST. PETERSBURG HOUSE OF COMPOSERS

Mendelssohn, piano concerto n.1 (3rd movment) Selyanko Sofya "Grand Piano in Palace 2019"


Polina Chudinova (Russia) - Grand Piano in Palace 2019 Orchestra of soloists of Saint-Petersburg Opera Theater

IV St. Petersburg International Music Summer Academy and Festival "Grand Piano in Palace"

Ipatov Timofey (Russia) - Grand Piano in Palace 2019 - Pablo de Sarasate "Andalusian romance"

Press release of the festival Grand Piano in Palace 2018


International Competition-Festival of Chamber, Vocal and Piano Music “Grand Piano in Palace” was held in St. Petersburg for the third time. Each event had creative atmosphere and warm reviews to the festival by the public. Festival events were held in the Concert Hall of the House of Composers and in The White Hall of the Marble Palace. The attendees of the “Grand Piano in Palace” are from all over the world, in 2018 more than 150 people from Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Russia took part. “The concept was the idea of ​​communication of young musicians with outstanding world masters. To conduct workshops we invite such eminent professors as Natalia Trull, professor at the Moscow Conservatory, student of Vladimir Horowitz - Raid Smith and the teacher of the imperial family of Shuku Iwasaki, who once spoke with such musicians like Callas and Richter” - notes CEO A. Yakovlev. Being engaged with mentors, each participant of the festival worked out their own concert behavior and showed it to the public in concert halls. This is exactly an opportunity to plunge into the authentic atmosphere and make you feel like a real artist.

July 15, 2018

The closing ceremony

Press release of the festival Grand Piano in Palace


July 15, 2017

The solemn opening

Historical interiors of the Vasily Kochubey mansion, antique pianos and more than 50 pianists from different countries. The first musical festival was opened in Tsarskoye Selo and was called "Grand Piano in Palace". Age of participants varied from 5 to 29 years old. Despite such range for them this platform is an opportunity to show their abilities and enhance skill level. The festival in Tsarskoe Selo gives the opportunity to musicians-beginners to learn from famous artists. We can say that they have already dedicated their lives to the piano. Bach, Mozart, Chopin - with them students spend more time than with friends. After all, rehearsals take five to six hours a day.

Press release of the festival Grand Piano in Palace


July 15, 2018

The solemn opening

Alexander Yakovlev visiting Felix Nevelev in the program “Not a cold Saturday” on the new TV channel 78. “Non-Sleepy Saturday” is the morning program of Felix Nevelev on the channel 78. The program where everyone will find something new and interesting. TV channel 78 is a regional Russian TV channel in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The program is dedicated to the festival “Grand Piano in Palace” 2017.